Across the worlds of the Cadian Gate, cultists, recidivists and malcontents of all kinds are rising up against the rule of the Adeptus Terra. Over-populated Hive worlds as far apart as the Scarus and the Cadian sectors have erupted in violence, seemingly without cause. Even the higher echelons of Hive World Tabor and the naval base of Belis Corona have proven to be riven with Chaos cults. Charismatic demagogues are inciting frenzied mobs to fight the ruthless, crushing oppression inherent in the Imperium, and hundreds of thousands have heeded their seditious ravings. Assassinations and poisonings herald new eras of anarchy in key warzones, and whole supply fleets have mysteriously vanished. Nemesis Tessera, St. Josmane’s Hope and Lelithar are all ravaged by insurrection.

However, all across the system the backlash of those still faithful to the Imperium begins. In the panicked streets of Thracian Primaris, one man alone has succeeded in uniting the desperate citizens against the evils of chaos. The worlds of the Belis Corona system have undergone a massive recruitment drive, and priestly delegations stir up Imperial conscripts into a fever of righteous anger.

Across other worlds, a more insidious threat has appeared. A virulent death-plague has claimed the lives of countless citizens, and many redemption cults have appeared, pronouncing that the only escape from its merciless clutches is to be found in self-flagellation and atonement. Those who deny this redemption are put to the sword, and countless lives have been lost as miles-high hive cities, and their inhabitants, have been immolated in the redemption cults’ efforts to cleanse them.

Some say that the victims of this plague do not rest peacefully, and that those struck down are returning once more, in hideous, bloated, maggot-ridden form to revisit their misery upon the living. Only those of the purest faith are said to be immune.

Attacks have taken place across the region, though the identity of the invaders has yet to be confirmed. With the situation on many worlds critical, the Imperium can ill-afford an increase in Chaos attacks through the Cadian Gate.

All the while, Astropaths and Navigators report nightmares and hellish visions, and foretell nought but death and destruction for the defenders of the Cadia. The Warp Storms attracted to the site of the Hive Teriax disaster have led to a massive influx of warp entities upon the fortress world, a certain precursor to invasion from Abaddon’s fleet.

Warhammer 40,000

Plague Marines attempt to knock out entire hives by sabotaging vital water systems...

Inquisitorial warbands face off against corrupted cult leaders in a dual to the death...

Battlefleet Gothic

Chance Encounter
The Planet Killer is discovered and it's heading towards the Cadian system...


Under the Cover of Darkness
An assassin is sent to take out a high-ranking Imperial officer...

Epic Armageddon

Planetary Rebellion
Traitors ravel their true colors and time is running out for a city under siege...