With every world within a thousand light years of the Eye of Terror now embroiled in a war that has already claimed countless billions of lives, a new and unexpected faction has taken a hand in events. The ever-elusive ships of the enigmatic Eldar have been sighted by the crew of Imperial Navy vessels, and by troopers on the ground across at least a dozen sectors.

In the depths of interstellar space, Eldar ships have reportedly intervened in desperate battles between the Imperial Navy and the Chaos invaders, on occasion providing aid to Imperial ships and allowing them egress to the webway portals as they did in the Gothic War, and at other times attacking them without provocation. The dark cousins of the Eldar prey on the lesser worlds of the Cadian sector and have even taken slaves on the feral world of Medusa. It is even rumoured that the legendary Harlequins have been sighted on the battlefields of Agripinaa and Scelus. As ever with the mercurial Eldar race, their motivations are as alien as they are unpredictable.

More disturbing still are the rumours of Chaos Space Marines appearing from nowhere on the pleasure world of Belisimar, and the intervention of shimmering metallic warriors in almost every warzone of the Thracian Primaris system. Bizarrely, the rumours correlate on one fact alone: the Necrons are fighting alongside the forces of the Imperium, not against them. This unholy alliance is the only factor halting a full-scale insurgence across the worlds of the Scarus sector.

The Imperium has long been aware that the Eldar of the Ulthwe craftworld maintain a strong presence in the vicinity of the Eye. Though little is known of their ways, it is widely believed that they ultimately work towards the downfall of the Great Enemy. This opinion has been reinforced by the appearance of small numbers of black-clad Eldar turning the tide of battle in crucial battlezones before disappearing once more into the ether.

Upon the worlds of the Cadian Gate too the Eldar have been sighted. The Black Guardians of Ulthwe have taken a hand in a number of battles, appearing unexpectedly and without any warning upon the surface of planets thought distant from any Eldar activity. Upon Belis Corona, Eldar Strike Forces have freed Imperial Navy ground crews from the Chaos legions beleaguering them, although there are reports from the Cadian system of the Eldar falling upon themselves in fits of madness, from the Agripinaa sector of their attacking an Ultramarines Honour Company, and also of their ghost-ships harbouring daemons.

The Imperium, as ever, view the aliens with extreme mistrust and hatred. Despite this, and though the motives of the mysterious Eldar remain unknown, many within the upper echelons of the Imperium pray that their actions tip the balance in this, humanity’s darkest hour in many thousands of years.


The Imperium Stops Chaos Invasion of St. Josmane's Hope
A Chaos inspired insurrection amongst the convicts of St. Josmane's Hope succeeded in gaining temporary control of the world. A vicious Imperial counter offensive subsequently succeeded in liberating parts of the world but with the arrival of Chaos reinforcements retaking the place has become untenable and Imperial forces have been all but annihilated. In order to deny a forward base to the ruinous powers Ursarkar Creed requested SJH be purged by overloading its generatorium grid to create a seismic event of catastrophic proportions. As such St. Josmane's Hope was subject to exterminatus 24 hours after the evacuation notice was given.

Imperials Dig in for the Long Haul in Besieged Cadia System
Despite the loss of St. Josmane's Hope, the warriors of the Imperium continue to push back the invading forces of Chaos and their dark allies. Now that SJH is no longer the target of choice for the Forces of Disorder, Solar Mariatus has become the new campaign hot spot. Rumors have it that Ursarkar Creed has ordered this last planet of the Cadia system be more heavily fortified after the lessons learned at St. Josmane's Hope.

Time-Space Distortions Detected
The Waywatcher, a small Imperial scout fleet passing through the Setvan system, noted elevated levels of tachyon emissions in a number of locations they visited. Probes were being prepared to be sent out to investigate the anomalous readings, but the mission was scrubbed when a large Chaos attack fleet emerged from the Warp and the Waywatcher vessels had to leave the vicinity. A cross reference of the Imperial databanks finds similarly heightened readings in systems of the Belial IV and Eidolon sub-sectors.


The following event cards were played in Week 2. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

Fear Denies Faith
This card affects the Imbrium, Gudrun, and Lethe Eleven Systems in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
The shock troops of the Night Lords sew confusion and terror across the Scarus sector, cutting communications and hanging the corpses of their victims from every building. Even the strongest in faith find their confidence shattered when they are forced into an existence of solitude, darkness and confusion.

The Feasting of Lucius
This card affects the Systems of the Cadia Sector in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Lucius the Eternal, favoured son of Slaanesh, has led his Emperor’s Children to the Cadian sector. The planet they have descended upon, Belisar, has been plunged into total war, with much of its population captured, enslaved or worse. It is rumoured that the Emperor’s Children stage unholy feasts with their shackled and screaming captives first as ‘guests’, and subsequently as the main course.

He Who Has Nothing Can Still Have Hope
This card affects Ulthor and the other planets of the Agrapinaa System in favor of the Forces of Order.
Despite the ruthless slaughter wreaked upon the Agripinaa sector by the Chaos Legions, the spirit of the Imperium remains strong. One among the common people, Regu Hane, is hallowed as a Saint after single-handedly driving back a wave of bloodthirsty daemons of Khorne.

The Enemy Within
This card affects Demois Binary in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
As the Grand Fleet of the Despoiler closes on Imperial defences, an unseen enemy within the ranks of the Demios Binary forces reveals his hand. The orbital defence platforms are sabotaged, rendered inoperable and helpless in the face of the invasion.

Domination of the Strongest
This card affects the planets in the Thracian Primaris system in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
As the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler pour out of the Eye of Terror the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are the first to respond. Those near the battlefront hurl themselves into combat, those further away marshal their forces and prepare to voyage to the war. Before they can embark however detached elements of the Alpha Legion land on a dozen or more worlds demanding to face the ‘weakling servants of the dead Emperor’. Unable to decline such blatant challenges several Chapters are drawn into pointless battle with the Alpha Legion, thereby delaying them critically.

Lockheart's Last Stand
This card affects Belisar in favor of the Forces of Order.
Imperial forces are bolstered by the heroic three day defence of Weykand Gap at Belisar in the Cadian Sector. Captain Lockheart and his men succeeded in delaying Titans of the Legio Vulcanum long enough for the rest of the 80th Thracian to escape encirclement and obliteration by the Chaos War machines. Men everywhere are heartened by the story of one man making such a difference in these dark times.

Wolf Pack
This card affects Subiaco Diablo in favor of the Forces of Order.
Imperial Strategos have accurately predicted the whereabouts of a large flotilla of Chaos transports and Admiral Quarren leads a strike force to Subiaco Diablo to destroy it before it can take part in the war.


Harlequin Assault
For countless centuries, the Harlequins have been the masters of the webway...

Mysterious Alliance
Deep in the Scarus sector a full scale insurgence of Chaos has taken place...


Assistance from the Void
A Chaos fleet thought to have abandoned the immediate sector of Chinchare is instead found raiding a space hulk...


Dark Scavengers
As the Cadian resistance buckles under the pressure of invasion, infiltrators invariably creep forward amongst the ruins...


The Price has yet to be Paid...
As his jetbike topped the ridge, Farseer Ehl'Rath grinned ferociously...