The terrible conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade has entered a new phase, and a new theatre. The Eldar webway- the most secret realm of the Eldar race through which the length of the galaxy can be traversed in but a single step has been penetrated, invaded by intruders bent on nothing less than the uncovering of its most dreadful secrets.

Ahriman, the Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion has gained access to the webway. For millennia, this practitioner of the darkest of arts has sought this prize, and seeks to fathom the route to the Black Library, the repository of the sum of all knowledge held by the Eldar race on the subject of Chaos, and watched over by guardians too terrible to imagine. Such is the desperation of the situation that these guardians have taken an active role in the defence of their realm, for the webway itself twists and splits like a live thing wherever Ahriman and his followers tread. Rumours of warp-beasts the size of battleships bolstering Ahriman’s forces have implications too terrifying to contemplate.

In response to Ahriman’s intrusion, the Eldar have launched a massive counter-attack, the force of which belies their woefully low numbers. The activities of the Ulthwe Strike Forces have increased beyond measure, and a desperate running battle is being fought across the webway and upon the surfaces of worlds that harbour entrances to it. As a consequence, worlds within the Eye of Terror itself are being fought over, as previously sealed entrances to the Webway are unsealed in the battle for dominance. Eidolon and Belial are two such places, Daemonworlds long ago lost to the Eldar race at the very fall of their empire ten millennia past, and now vital to the survival of their race. It has been rumoured one of the Immortal Phoenix Lords is leading the Eldar forces across the crone worlds of the Belial IV system, and that ancient Eldar artefacts have been unearthed by the Great Enemy.

Whilst the Eldar war in the labyrinth dimensions, other forces join the fray. The legendary Thirteenth Company of the Space Wolves, thought lost to the warp after the scourging of Prospero ten millennia ago, have emerged in force into the Cadian sector. The Word Bearers build blood-soaked shrines and dark cathedrals to better summon their daemonic allies and taint nearby stars with warp energy. Tzeentchian cults and covens reveal themselves across the Agripinaa sector, the better to distract the Imperium from their master’s true quest.

The cruel Dark Eldar too now play a part in the war, for it is said their shadow-realm of Commorragh lies deep within the uncharted regions of the Webway. They have struck out across the Medusan sub-sector and across the Cadian system itself. The Relictors and Dark Angels Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes have already fought back several Kabals of Dark Eldar, but it is feared they were merely the vanguard of Comorragh’s forces. Though they fight for the love of killing and slavery and not through any altruistic ideals of aiding the other participants in the war, the actions of the Dark Eldar can only benefit the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler.


The Defence of Cadia
Following the evacuation and subsequent destruction of Saint Josmane's Hope in order to deny the forces of the Despoiler a forward staging point, Imperium defenders initially rallied well, falling back in good order to key points in the Cadian system. Imperial morale was bolstered by a bold series of counter attacks, but these successes were to prove short-lived, and the Despoiler has committed yet more of his diabolical forces to the Cadian system. With the Forces of Disorder now fully committed to the Siege of Cadia, the beleaguered defenders can only pray help arrives soon, before all is lost.

The implacable warriors of the Necrontyr have been sighted across the Thracian Primaris system, and initial reports suggested they were fighting towards the same common goal as the Imperium's defenders. In recent battles however, the situation has changed, and the deadly weapons of the ancient race have been turned upon the Imperium. Though none can fathom the aims and objectives of the Necrontyr, some believe they can only be acting upon the capricious whim of a truly mad god.

For the Greater Good
With the Imperium committing more and more resources towards the defence of the Cadian Gate, reports from the eastern rim of Ultima Segmentum suggest the Tau Empire is using this time when the Imperium's eyes are elsewhere to strengthen, and even expand their own domains. Though the xenos are yet to threaten Imperial worlds, and are largely expanding into uncontested Wilderness space, Imperial Stategios keep one wary eye on the Tau empire, lest they use this time of conflict and uncertainty to their own advantage, to the eternal cost of the Imperium.


The following event cards were played in Week 3. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

The Damned
This card affects the Belis Corona System in favor of the Forces of Order.
The reports of the forces of the Ulthw? craftworld entering the system prove to be true, and across the entire Belis Corona sector Strike Forces of Black Guardians pour from nowhere into the heart of hotly contested battlezones. They punch into the Chaos battlelines right at the crux of each battle, turning a stalemate into a victory and a victory into a rout.

The Scions of Darkness
This card affects Vigilatum and Kasr Partox in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Dark Eldar erupt into the webway from the black city of Comorragh, intent on enslaving the Mon-Keigh and aiding the destruction of the Cadian system into the bargain. They strike at night, making off with the young, the weak and the wounded; the screams of their victims are often the only indication of their presence.

The Dance of Death
This card affects Agrapinaa planet in favor of the Forces of Order.
Help arrives from the most unexpected quarter when several troupes of Harlequins arrive through the webway on the tails of an Ulthw? Strike Force. With the aid of their alien cousins, the surgical strike that typifies Ulthw?’s military actions instead turns into a full-scale slaughter.

The Path of the Radical
This card affects Nemesis tessera in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Inquisitor Van Hel has long walked the path of the Horusian, a school of thought within the Inquisition that harbours the believe that Horus was correct in his belief that he could enslave the power of Chaos, but was ultimately weak in that he allowed it to enslave him. Now the fate of Horus is repeated in Van Hel, and the Chaotician has been seduced by the whispered promises of the Ruinous Powers. Through his actions in his research stations upon Nemesis Tessera, Abaddon’s cause can only be furthered.

Words Just Remembered
This card affects the planet Cadia in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
In the past Eldar warriors have often reported being attacked by disturbing waking dreams during encounters with Sorcerers of Tzeentch. In the early days of the 13th Black Crusade these reports took on a more sinister aspects. When viewed from the Cadian Sector, the Ocular Terribus took on a different hue for several days, a phenomenon regarded as a dire portent by the Farseers of Ulthwe. The phenomenon was indeed an ill sign. A subtle Tzeentchian power was able to plant post-hypnotic suggestions in its victims. Throughout the craftworld of Ulthwe and other Eldar ships in the Cadian Sector, a number of Eldar who witnessed the change in the Eye performed diabolical acts of madness, sabotage, and murder. It is fortunate that Eldar minds are strong and relatively few have succumbed to the spell...

The Scions of Erebus
This card affects Malin's Reach in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Agents of the Apostate Lord Erebus of the Wordbearer Legion draw the Ultramarines Honour company and an Ulthwe Strike force to Malin’s Reach in the Agrapinna sector with rumours that their sworn foe Erebus himself has been sighted moving against that system. Open warfare breaks out between the Space Marines and the Eldar, and Chaos forces strike elsewhere as they fight amongst themselves. Erebus is not found.

Unexpected Allies
This card affects Gudrun in favor of the Forces of Order.
Eldar ships in the vicinity of Gudrun have intercepted and destroyed the vanguard of a Chaos fleet moving towards the rimward flank of Cadia. Their seers have allowed ships from Battlefleet Obscurus to make use of their warp gates to mobilise fleet assets to meet this attack.

Ancient Evil Awakens
This card affects Thracian Primaris and Elnaur Delta in favor of the Forces of Order.
One of the Sentinel Words, previously thought to be dead, rustles with the dead scrape of grave vestments as the gleaming silver warriors of the Necrontyr emerge from underground tombs and take to the stars. Imperial forces in battle nearby fear the worst, but the Necron warriors fall upon the Chaos foe instead.


Ahriman Treads the Webway
While Abaddon pushes towards Cadia in an attempt to take the Imperial world, Ahirman continues his quest to attain the knowledge and lore that lies within the the Black Library...

Race Against Time
A unit belonging to one of the two opposing sides which is occupying a vital building has been cut off and isolated...


Titanic Manifestations of the Warp
Above a Crone world in the Eidolon System, colossal creatures of the warp as larger than starships have been summoned to stem the flow of Arhiman's intrusion into the webway...


Shadows of Future Past
The Farseer raised his masked face towards Alethian, and whispered "Kinsman, I have sensed your end amongst the Mon-Keigh, and the loss of Isha's Gift amongst the brambles...


Battle for the Warpgate