The Imperial Navy, for long weeks forced to fight a desperate holding action against the seemingly endless waves of Chaos vessels, has been reinforced. A fleet the size of which has not been seen since the end of the Gothic War eight centuries earlier has been dispatched from Cypra Mundi, and is now staging at Belis Corona in preparation for a massive counter-push into the Cadian Gate.

The arrival of this vast armada has allowed those vessels that have been fighting continuously since the beginning of the invasion a brief respite. Severely depleted ship’s companies are bolstered through indiscriminate press-ganging, and hasty repairs and refits are undertaken on those vessels most in need of them.

The reinforcements have been split into battlegroups, each tasked with bolstering the defences in a specific sector. The regions around the Eye of Terror encompass many millions of cubic light years, and only by the concentrated application of resources in those areas in most desperate need can the Imperial Navy hope to make inroads and slow, stall, and eventually repel the Chaos fleets plaguing the region.

If the Imperial Navy can gain the upper hand in the conflict, it is hoped Abaddon will soon find his forces cut off from aid and reinforcement. Although Ork mercenaries have reportedly joined the fray, and the Eldar fleets have been drawn away by the presence of Abaddon’s captured Blackstone Fortresses, the iron fist of the Imperium is slowly being brought to bear. Ancient defence laser batteries upon Demios Binary combine with programs of orbital bombardment on Laurentix and Setvan to harry the servants of Chaos wherever they are to be found. Admiral Quarren himself has succeeded time and time again in defeating Chaos fleets many times the size of his own, allowing reinforcements to enter the fray around the fortress world. A massive influx of reinforcements in the Scelus sector has penetrated the Chaos blockade of ships and minefields, and in the Belis Corona system the entirety of Battlefleet Gothic has stormed into the fray. The daemonic mine-creatures sewn across the battlefront accounted for only a few of their number, and now the fleet has the opportunity to avenge their losses it suffered in the Gothic War at the hands of Abaddon’s own fleet. If the relentless momentum of the Thirteenth Black Crusade can be slowed for just a short time, then the defenders on the ground will have a real chance of victory.

The Imperial Navy has gambled all on this sector-wide retaliation, and should it fail, Battlefleet Obscurus will be so weakened that only the redeployment of fleets across the whole Imperium will hold any hope of holding back Abaddon’s invasion.


The Tides of War
On every world of the Cadian system, there is only war. Vigilatum is all but lost to the unholy servants of the Ruinous Powers, though a small rearguard, previously thought annihilated holds out there yet, boldly defending the Naval Tac Logis facility. Solar Mariatus too is sorely pressed by the hordes of the Despoiler, and Cadian High Command has ordered the world reinforced, lest its output of munitions and other materiel essential to the ongoing war effort be lost- a blow the beleaguered defenders can ill afford. With Imperial Navy reinforcements inbound, the defenders of Cadia must hold out just a little while longer...

Ursarkar Creed has been hailed by many as the most able Imperial Guard commander since the legendary Lord Solar Macharius, yet many observers have noted that his sub-commanders have not proved themselves quite so capable. So sudden and mobile has the Despoiler's invasion proved that many commanders at a system and planetary level have simply been unable to coordinate their actions, and are reacting to the enemy's attacks rather than dictating their own terms of battle. Creed has issued stern orders to his subordinates- take the initiative at a planetary level, or fall. The choice is that simple.

The Secrets of Caliban
The enigmatic heretic known as 'The Voice' has been broadcasting all-channel voxes for much of the conflict, and has recently stepped up the intensity of his verbal attacks upon the honour of the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven Chapters, challenging them to defend the ruins of Caliban, and claiming he will soon reveal the dark secrets hidden there. How the sons of the Lion will react to such blatant provocation is unclear, though whatever their reaction, it is sure to be swift and bloody.

The Green Kroosade
With the forces of Chaos overwhelming every world within the vicinity of the Eye of Terror, a large force of Orks has taken advantage of the state of anarchy threatening many systems, and launched an all out attack upon the worlds of the Scarus Sector. This 'Green Kroosade' is remarkably well coordinated for an Ork invasion, and has succeeded in grinding down the defences of several worlds, notably Lethe Eleven. The Black Templars have diverted a number of fighting companies to oppose them, lest they gather into a fully-fledged Waaagh!


The following event cards were played in Week 4. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

The Cult of the Red Cyclops
This card affects Morten's Quay in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
An entire continent on Morten’s Quay has been infected by a doomsday cult known as the Cult of the Red Cyclops. They believe that at the legendary Ninth Hour they will be joined by the Feathered God incarnate and his armoured knights, who will pour forth from the Labyrinth Dimension. That hour has come.

Etheric Collapse
This card affects the Chinchare in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
The dark sorceries of Ahriman and his Thousand Sons twist the thin tunnels of the webway over the Chinchare sub-sector, ripping vast lesions in the fabric of the webway dimension and rendering entire sections unusable. Several Strike Forces of Ulthw? Eldar are plunged into limbo, or worse, into the warp itself.

Far Seeing
This card affects Xersia in favor of the Forces of Order.
Increased Eldar activity in the Xersia system draws the attentions of the Relictors Chapter of Space Marines. They purge the system with fire and sword, slaughtering three entire Kabals of Dark Eldar intent on enslaving Xersia’s civilian population.

This card affects Medusa in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
With the invasion raging across light years of space, a new foe has joined the war. Striking deep behind enemy lines, dragging prisoners off into the night, the Dark Eldar have added their efforts to the forces of disorder on the Feral world of Medusa. Imperial Strategios fear these attacks could tip the balance in the sector, as withdrawing troops from the front to deal with the new threat will leave Imperial forces dangerously under strength.

In the Company of Wolves
This card affects the planets in the Cadian system in favor of the Forces of Order.
On the bleak mining world of Ormantep a fierce battle rages between warriors of the Black Legion and strange wolf-like warriors bearing markings not dissimilar to the Space Wolves…

Rapid Strike
This card affects Chinchare in favor of the Forces of Order.
Beleaguered Imperial forces are suddenly and decisively aided by black and bone armoured Eldar emerging from shimmering warp portals upon the world of Balzac. Vanishing without a word, these mysterious benefactors ask nothing in return for their aid.

Secrets of the Black Library
This card affects the Belial IV sub-sector in favor of the Forces of Order.
The desperation of the situation facing Ulthwe is such that the Guardians of the Black Library reveal to them the runes that will open many sealed paths of the Webway. The danger of these paths is great but the opportunity for achieving surprise is such that the risk may be worth it.


Talismans of Vaul
Through the culmination of ancient knowledge, an Eldar strike force has managed to infiltrate the secret inner workings of a Blackstone Fortress in hopes of activating it's Control Pylons...


Above Belis Corona
A massive influx of Imperial reinforcements are making their way to the Belis Corona System from Cypra Mundi. Although this regrouping effort can't be stopped, it can be hindered.

Daemon Blocade
Reinforcements en route to the Belis Corona and Scelus sectors find themselves having to penetrate various Chaos blockades. This is risky business indeed.