The diabolical magicks enacted by Erebus of the Word Bearers Legion so many weeks past have now come to fruition. Through the sacrifice of a million innocents, the very Warp has vomited through the thin skein of reality, to burst across the domains of Man. The entire region is wracked by Warp storms so intense that inter-system travel is now impossible. As the last reinforcements gather in those sectors not cut off- Cadia, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare, it is clear to every defender of the Cadian Gate that the war has entered its final stages. Exactly what the future holds, no man can see, but none can deny that a terrible time of reckoning is upon the Imperium.

The forces of the Order and of Disorder are set against each other across the warzones of Cadia, Scarus, Agripinaa, Belis Corona and Chinchare. Each is intent upon nothing less than the total and utter destruction of the other. These five warzones are to form the battleground for the final conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, as those forces committed to other areas are hastily redeployed or simply forgotten amongst the confusion and anarchy of the final days of the war.

Imperium high command has long since lost track of the number of troops operating in the region, but estimates suggest that the forces engaged in the final battle are beyond anything seen in many hundreds of years. Thousands of Imperial Guard regiments, scores of Space Marine chapters and hundreds of Titans stand alongside the combined conscripted militia of a hundred systems. Against these heroes of the Imperium are set the Traitor Legions, rebel Imperial Guard, mutant hordes and cultists beyond measure. Millions give their lives in desperate last stands and vicious deadlocks as Imperial preachers exhort the faithful to ever greater peaks of bravery and bloodlust.

Eldrad Ulthran has led the forces of Ulthwe through the webway in one almighty push into the heart of the Chaos lines, seeking his destiny in mortal combat against Abaddon. The Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus, each one of them more than a match for the shock troops of Chaos leading Abaddon’s assault, teleport onto the daemon-infested battlefields of Kasr Holn and Xersia. Thracian Primaris and its surrounding worlds are consumed with fire and battle, scarring the planets themselves for eternity. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves resolve their differences and unite in the face of the Chaos hordes on Korolis, and the entire Agripinaa sector is plunged into the throes of the most virulent of plagues as Typhus unleashes the full strength of the Death Guard. But the most chilling development is the encroachment of the Planet Killer upon the Cadian system. Its proximity can only mean one thing.

The skies above the warzones burn with the falling of orbital ordnance, and the chants of a billion lunatics resound. The tread of mighty battle titans shakes the earth, and Imperial Navy fighter craft scream overhead.

The last days of the war are upon us. Let none falter in his duty to the Emperor, for to do so is to surrender Humanity itself unto the eternal pyre of damnation and ruin.

The final stage of the Eye of Terror will be fought across the Cadian, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare sectors.


To the Death
This scenario is a fun "what if" type of game. Imagine that Eldrad's divinations reveal a moment in time where Abaddon can be combated with only his bodyguard present.

The Dark Tide
A rift in reality has opened within a Cadian city and the strained defenses buckle under the hordes of filth that pour forth. Mutant attrocities and hulking behemoths stream into the fray by the hundreds.