The Imperial Fists are selected using Codex Space Marines.


Blind to the Risk: In a mission with a variable game length, when the game ends, the Imperial Fists' opponent may choose that a single extra turn of the game is played (one player turn each).


Thе Imperial Fists have formidable siege skills and as, such count as Siege Masters. This has several effects on some scenario special rules as detailed below:

Fortifications: Siege Masters receive +1 Armour Penetration against bunkers, and their own bunkers have Armour Value 14.

Hidden Set-Up: When moving over a minefield, Siege Masters only trigger a mine on a 6+.

Obstacles: A Siege Master tank trap has an Armour Value of 12.

Preliminary Bombardment: When resolving preliminary bombardment, Siege Masters are better able to direct their supporting fire. They receive one extra roll for every 500 points being used. This can result in a single unit being hit several times. The Siege Master cannot choose to roll extra dice against a unit that has already been attacked; all the dice attacking a particular unit must be rolled together.

Stubborn Defence: When occupying fortifications in missions where they are the defenders, Siege Masters are treated as being stubborn. They will automatically pass any Morale checks even in situations where normally they would automatically fail. They may never use the Voluntary Fall Back optional rule but test for pinning as normal. Outside fortifications and in fortifications built by the enemy (ie, when attacking) they get no benefit.