From the lectures of Lord Inquisitor
Eusebius Nomandes, Ordo Xenos.

Eldar Rangers are a shadowy sect of covert warriors, outcasts, pathfinders and expert marksmen. Rarely seen by their enemies, these Eldar represent a silent and deadly threat.

Life for an Eldar is strict and disciplined, and the confinement of their Craftworld homes can become oppressive. There have been many over the millennia that have tired of this existence and left their Craftworld seeking excitement, but even for these discontented souls, the Eldar Path offers forms of release Some may follow the path of the starfarer for several human lifetimes, joining the crews of Craftworld or pirate fleets in search of adventure. Others are lonely figures, travellers who leave Eldar society altogether and wander amongst the worlds of men, treading the dangerous Path of the Outcast. A few survive to exorcise their wanderlust, rejoin their Craftworld and settle down to gentler ways, but most do not return. Many are killed, others abandon the Eldar Path entirely, tailing from grace and becoming consumed by their dark passions. These tormented beings die far from home, alone with their secret anguish, their spirit stones drifting forever in the darkness of space, or lying buried on far-flung, forgotten worlds.

Though by no means the most overtly destructive of Eldar units, Rangers are quite capable of inflicting serious losses on any force fighting them. They are armed with powerful sniper rifles, with which they can pick out weak points in their enemy's armour. It has been known for a single band of Eldar Rangers to hold up an entire column of Imperial Guard. Standard Imperial procedure is therefore to fall back and call for heavy artillery support.

These adventurers are the only Eldar likely to be encountered by men except on the battlefield. They are haunted figures, torn between the love of their Craftworld homes and the glories of the forbidden universe. Their instincts lead them to lives of danger, rooting out the hidden threat of Chaos, and visiting the ancient Exodite clans on the far rim of the galaxy.

Eldar Rangers are resilient, world-weary, independent warriors, used to looking after themselves. When a Craftworld is threatened, its Rangers may hear its call, laking up their weapons and going to war once more.

Clearance Alpha
Subject: 007/a2-b8 'Eldar'/Outcast
++Genotype: Class 2 proto anthropoid
++Primary features: superior psionic potential; metaphrenic technology base
++Capture date: 0937993.M41
++Date of Interrogration: 0005994.M41
++Autopsy Date: 0173994.M41
++Date of Psychic Interrogation: NECROLOGUE  UNSUCCESSFUL
++Attending Explicator: Nillo Deaaris

Standing Order 2830/х/Wа - for dissemination to all front line unite.

Upon attack from an enemy sniper of the xenotype 'Eldar', all units are ordered to perform a Reconnaissance by Fire. No further actions are sanctioned, by pain of administrative punishment or death, as determined by the Commissariat or duly appointed Regimental Provost.

Orbital bombardment: A single, well-placed orbit-to-surface munition will destroy any enemy sniper. In addition, any surviving xenos will be cowed sufficiently that further aggressive acts are likely to be forestalled. Furthermore, much of the cover from which any further attacks might be launched will be destroyed.

Superheavy ordnance: Titans and superheavy tanks make ideal counter-sniping units. Upon receiving fire, notify the masters of any such vehicles within range and let them rain the Emperor's vengeance upon your foes!

Battlecannon: A single round from a Leman Russ is capable of levelling any cover, and of destroying most enemies no matter their skill at fielldcraft.

Heavy weapons: Squad support weapons such as heavy bolters and missile launchers, as well as higher-level mortars and other indirect firing weapons are ideal for engaging cowardly enemy snipers. Use them to direct holy fury at any location in which the pernicious xenos may lurk.

Small arms: Squad leaders should identify all possible locations in which the enemy may be hiding, and communicate these to his warriors. Upon his word, all troopers should shoot at their designated target, deluging the enemy with fire and scouring him from his hide. By the power of the las-gun might all foes be defeated!

High-energy impulse sends monomolecular ammunition at high velocity, modulated by high frequency laser carrier beam.
ADEPT’S NOTE: Though functionally similar to human equivalent, this weapon is manufactured to extreme tolerances and is capable of highly energetic impact.


Unknown device carried by many captured Ranger specimens. Appears to contain some manner of psychotelemetric receiver.
ADEPT’S NOTE: Perhaps this device allows Ranger to spy the land ahead, perhaps through a webway portal. If so, this means it is possible for the Eldar to discern our actions in the vicinity of a portal even when they are within the webway. The strategic ramifications of this are huge.


Message Decryption Simulacrum

Receiver: Neo-Sappora sub-bank 12

Transmitter: Astropath Prime Abbahn

Date: 0005493.M41

Agent: Inquisitor Nomandes

Refer: Imperial record XXT 42/303

Thought for the day: Better crippled in body than corrupt in mind

ABSTRACT: There follows a summary of pertinent data regarding the xeno sub-type Eldar Ranger. These data to be cross-checked with your subject and any deviation whatsoever to be reported through my staff as a matter of highest priority. Eldar Ranger activity has increased exponentially in the Medusa system in recent weeks, and collating intelligence on their actions is vital to achieving our own aims there.


- Psychoplastic engineered armour, containing advanced sensor suite, communications and life support systems.

- Eldar carapace plates over flexible mesh inner body suit. Provides limited protection against ballistic and energy attack. ADEPT’S NOTE: This puny armour offers no protection against the blessed weapons of the Astartes.

Chameleoline cloak
- Adaptive camouflage weave refracts light around wearer, resulting in a blending effect with surroundings. ADEPT’S NOTE: Camouflage effect sub-stantially increased in low light conditions.


Thanks to the dazzling array of Aspect Warriors found in a Biel-tan army, its Ranger squads are often foolishly overlooked by ignorant foes. A key component in a Biel-tn attack force, Eldar Rangers direct the fury of the Swordwind against the enemy, silently scouting out enemy positions in preparation for the main assault. The Rangers shown here wear a dark woodland camouflage scheme of the type described by the survivors of the Twyfed Gorge Massacre.


Saim-hann is famed for its mighty Wild Rider Hosts, composed of scores of sleek and deadly jetbikes and skimmers. Unlike the other members of their Craftworld, the Eldar Rangers of Saim-hann do not ride headlong into battle, instead utilising stealth and cunning to approach the enemy unseen. When a Wild Rider Host goes to war its Eldar Rangers scout ahead, ascertaining the lie of the land and neutralising immediate threats.


Or all the Eldar Craftworlds, Alaitoc adheres most stringently to the Path of the Eldar. This zealous attitude has caused many of the Alaitoc Eldar to live the life of outcasts and become Rangers. As a result of this, when Alaitoc goes to war it falls to the Rangers to return to protect their Ctaftworld. Currently an Alaitoc Ranger force of unequalled size operates on Medusa V, severing enemy communications and preparing the way for larger Eldar armies to attack.


The cordial relations between Alaitoc and Telennar have brought the forces of this small Crartworld to Medusa V, where its warriors battle to protect the Webway from the coming Warp storm. These Rangers wear the livery of those sited to the north of Battlezone Tisiphone. Small bands of Telennar Rangers have staged devastating ambushes against the Ork buggy gangs patrolling around Nazdreg's ruined space hulk, hampering the greenskin scavenging efforts at every turn.

"When the Eldar make their attack, the enemy will already be half-defeated, having spent days or even weeks chasing the shadows of the Rangers."

- Inquisitor Nomandes