The Immotator is a design exclusive to the Ministorum, based upon the ubiquitous Rhino chassis. Standard Immolators carry deadly twin heavy flamers. while the 'Justice' pattern is armed with a tank-busting pair of multi-meltas. As well as its armament, the Immolator can carry a squad of Retributors into the heart of the enemy army.

Points Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS

Type: Tank. (Note that the Immolator does not count as open-topped because the Sisters of Battle crewing it are protected by power armour.)

Crew: Battle Sisters.

Weapons: The Immolator is armed with twin heavy flamers.

Options: The Immolator can upgrade its twin heavy flamers to a twin-linked multi-melta for +20 pts. The Immolator may be given the following vehicle upgrades at the cost listed in the Ministorum armoury: dozer blade; extra armour; holy icon; hunter-killer missile; searchlight; smoke launchers.


Twin Heavy Flamers: The Immolator's twin heavy flamers are fired like an ordinary heavy flamer. However, they inflict twice as many hits as normal on affected models (two hits on ordinary models and four hits on open topped vehicles). Roll to wound or penetrate armour for each hit separately. Because accurate aiming is not essential to the weapon's effectiveness, the Immolator may move 12" and still fire its twin heavy flamers.

Transport: The Immolator can carry up to six models. See page 77 for further details on fire points and access points.