Characters may pick up to two single-handed weapons, or one single-handed weapon and one two-handed weapon. If the character already comes equipped with weaponry (such as a Veteran Sister Superior), you can replace or add to this as long as these restrictions are not exceeded. In addition, you may pick up to 100 points worth of wargear. Preachers and Redemptor Priests may only have 25 points of wargear. Only a Canoness, Celestian Superior or Veteran Sister Superior may choose items from the Sisters of Battle Wargear list. You may not take duplicate items for the same model. All wargear and weapons must be represented on the model.


Blade of Admonition = 15 pts
Bolt pistol = 1 pt
Brazier of Holy Fire = 15 pts
Close combat weapon = 1 pt
Plasma pistol = 10 pts
Power weapon = 10 pts
Praesidium Protectiva [i] = 15 pts (independent characters only)


Axe of Retribution = 20 pts
Bolter = 2 pts

bolter-flamer = 10 pts
bolter-grenade launcher = 10 pts
bolter-plasma gun = 15 pts
bolter-meltagun = 15 pts

Flail of Chastisement = 10 pts WARGEAR

Bionics = 10 pts
Book of St Lucius = 10 pts
Carapace Armour (Save 4+) = 10 pts
Flak Armour (Save 5+) = 3 pts
Frag grenades = 1 pt
Rosarius = 25 pts
Krak grenades = 2 pts
Holy Censer = 20 pts (tmagifer or independent characters only)
Litanies of Faith = 25 pts
Master-crafted weapon = 15 pts
Medicus Ministorum = 20 pts (Sisters Hospitaller only)
Melta bombs = 5 pts
Purity seals = 5 pts
Simulacrum Imperialis = 50 pts (Imagifer or independent characters only)


Cloak of St Aspira = 20 pts (Independent characters only)
Jump pack = 10 pts (Independent characters only)
Sacred Banner of the Order Militant [ii] = 60 pts
Sacred Standard = 20 pts (Banner Bearer only)


Ministorum vehicles may be fitted with the additional equipment noted in their army list entries, at the points cost shown below. Any upgrades must be shown on the vehicle model. No duplicates may be taken for the same vehicle.

Dozer blade = 5 pts
Extra armour = 5 pts
Holy icon = 10 pts
Hunter-killer missile = 10 pts
Pintle-mounted storm bolter = 6 pts
Searchlight = 1 pt
Smoke launchers = 3 pts


[i] Although not a weapon as such, a Praesidium Protectiva must be carried in one hand and therefore counts as a single-handed weapon.

[ii] Only armies of 2,000 points or more may take a Sacred Banner of the Order. Only the Standard Bearer of the Canoness' Celestian Bodyguard may carry it.