The following Special Character has not been playtested as thoroughly as the ones presented in the army books and is not necessarily as balanced or fair. Consequently, you must agree with your opponent about whether you can use him or not before the battle begins.

Tullaris is one of the most murderous leaders in the whole of Naggaroth. He once had all of the inhabitants of a captured town butchered and the town itself levelled to the ground simply because he didn't like its name!

Under his command the Executioners have partaken in such devastating orgies of destruction that they have gained a fearful reputation all across the Warhammer World. Just the rumour that they are part of an invading Dark Elf army can cause floods of refugees to flee before the Dark Elf forces.

With my nails I wrenched the stone from the black heart of the mountain, baptising it in the blood of my own hands. I wrapped the stone in velvet for the journey back to Clar Karond, for if a single mote of the sun's light had touched the stone's surface the enchantments would not have taken, and my five year search would have been in vain.

I had hoped to begin creating the amulet immediately upon my return, but in my absence my own two sons, may their names never soil my lips again, sized my lands and title for themselves. The young fools - how could they hope to best me? Cloaking myself in the shadows, I stole into the tower using the secret ways and murdered them while they slept, smashing their skulls with the black stone - a fitting payment for their treachery. Their naked, lifeless bodies now hang in my laboratory, and not until their rotting bodies drop from their heads will I dispose of them. I can now begin my great work - the creation of the black amulet.

Tullaris can be fielded in a Dark Elf army. He counts as a Hero choice. He must be fielded exactly as described here and may not be given any additional equipment. He must lead a unit of Executioners and may not leave the unit during the battle.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Points

Weapons & Equipment: Tullaris wears heavy armour, wields the Executioner's Axe and wears the Black Amulet.

Executioner's Axe: Seepage 18 of the Dark Elves army book.

Black Amulet: See page 19 of the Dark Elves army book.


MASTER EXECUTIONER: Combined with the power of the Executioner's Axe, Tullaris can decapitate even the most fearsome of beasts. Tullaris has the Killing Blow, but can slay even the largest opponent's, not just man-sized models. Note that he still cannot slay swarms with his Killing Blow.

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