The Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter

The Flesh Tearers Chapter was created during the Second Founding, from the Blood Angels Legion. The Flesh Tearers possess the same savagery and fearsome reputation as the Blood Angels, but have also inherited the Black Rage. Indeed, the Black Rage has become more apparent and it is now only a matter of time before the entire Chapter is consumed.


During the terrible, bitter fighting of the Horus Heresy, the Blood Angels` Primarch, Sanguinius, was killed by the Warmaster hours in the Emperor`s assault on the traitor`s battle barge. The psycho-genetic after-effects of this trauma were not fully realized until later - the resulting Black Rage flaw had yet to be recognized. So, according to the dictates of the Codex Astartes, the Blood Angels Legion of Space Marines was broken into Successor Chapters, each numbering 1,000 battle brothers and in possession of a fraction of the old Legion`s geneseed stock. One of these Successor Chapters was the Flesh Tearers.

Following the dreadful slaughter of the battle on Terra, the Flesh Tearers were granted a single battle barge, the Victus, and immediately headed off into deep space with orders to crush any remaining rebel strongholds. For three millennia the battle barge was directed to the loneliest regions of galactic space, the Flesh Tearers Space Marines on board crusading against worlds still loyal to the dead Warmaster and ruthlessly driving back any alien incursions that crossed their path. During this time of exploration and battle, the Flesh Tearers gained a reputation for outright savagery, far outstripping the rumours surrounding their parent Chapter, the Blood Angels. Even the distant High Lords of Terra heard tales of whole populations slaughtered whenever traitorous followers of the fallen Warmaster were found, and entire convoys of ships destroyed when they tried to flee the Flesh Tearers` bloody retribution.

But the galaxy is a huge place and communications can be unreliable. The High Lords ruling the Imperium in the Emperor`s name saw the amount of previously hostile worlds pacified by the Flesh Tearers` actions, and, in this time of rebuilding after Mankind`s dreadful civil war, they were satisfied and did not look too closely.

The Flesh Tearers Chapter journeyed through space on board the Victus, dispensing the Emperor`s fearsome justice to all who would stand against His rule. Taking centuries in its course, the battle barge navigated its way through the far western reaches of the galaxy, intent on sweeping clear the increased alien presence rumoured to be found there. The Flesh Tearers eventually discovered the isolated and forgotten world of Cretacia.

Home World
Carnarvon, High Chaplain
of the Death Company.
Watcher of the Lost

The High Chaplain of the Death Company, Carnarvon bears a terrible responsibility, as it falls to him to watch over all 400 remaining Space Marines of the Flesh Tearers Chapter for the onset of the Black Rage. This is a position he has occupied for nearly 250 yers and it is whispered by many that the strain of watching so many of his friends and comrades descend into the Rage, becoming raving lunatics hungry only for blood, has started to make its toll on his sanity. At this time, he has the final word as to who must be induced into the Death Company and which of those Marines must be permanently incarcerated in the Tower of the Lost when they fall so far into the madness that even he cannot control them. When not in combat, Carnarvon spends most of his time within the Lost Tower, watching over his charges, ostensibly to find a path that will allow them to rejoin the Chapter. However, his constant secrecy has a great many of the Flesh Tearers questioning his motives.

The oversized world of Cretacia was the fourth planet in a system of seven, and at first approach it appeared to be uninhabitable. Finding Cretacia perpetually shrouded in dense cloud, the Flesh Tearers effected landings on the planet to discover what lay below. What the Marines discovered was a planet to rival to any deathworld known in its lethality to human life.

A trackless landscape of dense jungles and steamy swamps harboured many vicious reptilian, amphibious and insectoid forms of life. Many Space Marines were lost to these hostile creatures on the first day before effective perimeters could be established. Even so, patrols still reported casualties from insects as big as men with sharpened proboscises that could penetrate power armour, huge reptilian predators, almost as large as Scout Titans, that ripped through entire squads, and gigantic herbivores that could easily crush an unwary Space Marine with a massive foot.

The Flesh Tearers quickly fought back against these immense creatures. Squads were engaged in hunts to cull as many of the native monsters as possible, ostensibly to clear more landing areas, though garrulous Imperial Scholars now speculate that these hunts were for no other reason than to satiate the Flesh Tearers' lust for killing. As the patrol squads ranged further through the jungles and swamps, incredibly, humans were found.

The humans discovered were apparently descended from some long lost colony originally formed millennia ago during the Dark Age of Technology, but had since devolved into an extremely primitive state. Lacking all but the most rudimentary aspects of a language, these primordial humans had somehow managed to not only adapt to living amongst the titanic monsters that roamed Cretacia, but to actually thrive in the hostile environment. They proved to be incredibly strong and had superior reflexes to compensate for their more limited intellects, giving rise to a race that was fierce enough to defend itself against the largest of the creatures that preyed upon them.

The Flesh Tearers promptly rounded up hundreds of the ferocious humans and the Chaplains and Sanguinary Priests of the Chapter set to work, testing their minds and bodies in soul-destroying trials to determine any evidence of corruption caused by their long isolation from the Master of Mankind. Though extremely backward and primitive, the Flesh Tearers deemed them free of deviancy.

Chapter Master Amit saw the value of the world of Cretacia. The inhospitable terrain and deadly creatures provided an ideal testing ground for his troops, whilst the primitive humans already inhabiting the world could easily be moulded into potential battle brothers. Declaring Right of Conquest, Amit founded a permanent home for his Flesh Tearers.

Combat Doctrine

The Flesh Tearers are considered by Imperial strategists to be the epitome of a dedicated assault force. Those who have actually witnessed their bloodthirstiness in action, however, report of seemingly calculated brutality and savagery on an unparalleled level. A Flesh Tearers army in battle seeks nothing more than to rush towards the enemy with all haste in an effort to tear them apart with chainswords and power fists and, if need be, their bare hands and teeth.

Heavy weapons and armoured vehicles are eschewed in all but the very largest of armies, as the barely controlled blood lust that arises in every battle drives each Flesh Tearers Space Marine forward to destroy their enemies in close combat. The extremely limited vehicle resources of the Chapter tend to be concentrated on transports such as Rhinos and Razorbacks, as the Flesh Tearers prefer to surge forwards and take the enemy with bolt pistols and power axes.

When confronted by enemies who cower within bunkers and fortifications, the Flesh Tearers employ short-ranged melta weapons, power fists and even their own raw strength. Once unleashed, they will permit nothing to stand between themselves and the gratification they can find only in close combat. There have been occasions, though none well documented, when allied forces have accidentally interposed themselves between the Flesh Tearers and their foe. The Flesh Tearers remain unrepentant to this day regarding the savage consequences of this folly.

Seth, Chapter Master of
the Flesh Tearers,
Guardian of the Rage

Chapter Master Seth has presided over the Chapter of the Flesh Tearers for over 100 years. In his time he has experienced many great victories, but has also seen too many of his battle brothers fall to the Black Rage. He has earned a great degree of enmity with most other Imperial armies he has fought alongside. Imperial Guard and Adepta Sororitas commanders are often simply ignored, whilst other Marines grow frustrated with Seth's impetous desire to instantly destroy all enemies.

In battle, Seth can always be found in the vanguard of his forces, leading his Marines through incredible acts of savagery and bloodshed. When the Flesh Tearers' presence is not required on the battlefield, he becomes stern and dour, forever preoccupied with the doom he now believes is impossible for his Chapter to avoid.

The terrible violence that follows a Flesh Tearers army has made many other forces of the Imperium extremely wary of fighting alongside these Space Marines. Carefully laid plans can be shattered by the Flesh Tearers` eagerness for combat, and their bloodthirsty actions on the battlefield have sickened even veterans of countless wars. The Chapter has been under almost constant Inquisitorial investigation following the Kallern Massacres of M.36, and some Imperial Guard officers have dared to refuse the dubious honour of fighting alongside the Flesh Tearers, particularly after rumours started to spread concerning their vindictive assaults on entire planetary populations during the Arcata Uprising of M39.

Relatively few forces have fought alongside the Flesh Tearers more than once. Claims regarding their unnatural behaviour during their Feast of Victory, during which many enemy prisoners disappear, have meant that few force commanders are willing to stay in the vicinity once the fighting is finished.


Though originally formed within the dictates of the Codex Astartes, the Flesh Tearers have been ravaged by the curse of the Black Rage and now number barely four full companies. Unless some salvation can be found, their numbers may be halved within the next millennium.

Though the Chapter tries to adhere to the Codex Astartes, adjustments to the structure of their companies have been necessitated by their depleted numbers. All four are considered to be 'Battle Companies' with no reserves being present anywhere in the Chapter. Each Marine is fully expected to be proficient in Tactical, Assault and even Devastator duties, as well as being skilled in the operation of all the Chapter's remaining vehicles. In theatres of war, individual squads will rapidly change their role to suit the mission and equipment on hand. In addition, the 1st Company, breaking from the tradition of most Space Marine Chapters, is not a pure veteran force, as so few Flesh Tearers are able to withstand the pressure of the Black Rage long enough to gain such status. Instead, individual squads of Veteran Marines are formed within each company out of the most accomplished warriors they have.

The Flesh Tearers' fleet is also comparatively small, with the battle barge Victus being their only major warship. The Victus is millennia old, but has been kept in fighting condition and is capable of transporting the entire Chapter. A far more common sight for the enemies of the Emperor are the seven rapid strike vessels which the Chapter keeps in operation. Each has been modified to carry an entire company.


The Flesh Tearers dropped the Blood Angels' practice of blood transfusions to new recruits when they split from the Legion after the Heresy, but by this time Sanguinius' pain had already become so bound within the Chapter's geneseed itself that they could not escape the effects of the Black Rage. Indeed, the Black Rage seems to have become more uncontrollable, perhaps because of their isolation or a change in their gene-replication practices. It has now become apparent that the Flesh Tearers' geneseed has mutated a great deal over the past ten thousand years and degenerated vastly. Every year, more and more Flesh Tearers succumb to the Black Rage, with very few being able to survive more than two hundred years before the Curse of Horus overtakes them. Cretacia has provided the Flesh Tearers with a good source of recruits in the past, as the primordial humans make excellent potential Space Marines; only a small percentage of them reject the genetic modifications that make a Space Marine superhuman, while their simple minds are easily adapted to the mental conditioning all Space Marines undergo. However, even this supply of battle brothers has proved insufficient as the Flesh Tearers defective geneseed accelerates in its degradation.

This has increased the burden on the Chaplains and Sanguinary Priests whose responsibility it is to restrain brethren whose violent and uncontrollable behavior forces them to be kept apart from other Marines. They are habitually locked away in a purpose-made prison known as the Tower of the Lost, located many miles from the main stronghold of the Fortress-monastery. The victims of the Black Rage imprisoned within the Tower of the Lost constantly howl their fury at the walls surrounding them, their wailing cries competing with the roars of the huge creatures that prowl the swamps around the Tower. The Chaplains and Priests constantly search and experiment, anxious to discover a cure for their lost brothers and bring them back into the Chapter, knowing all the time that the Black Rage will soon consume them as well. It is the duty of the Librarians of the Flesh Tearers to travel widely, desperate to find the ancient and sacred texts which they believe must exist, in the hope of finding lasting salvation from their curse.


The Flesh Tearers have developed a dreadful cry when they charge that, amplified by their power armour's vox-systems, has been known to stun lesser enemies into utter submission. To date there have been no recordings made of their cry, though the few survivors of their assaults have described it as a wailing sound that drove deep into their minds, bringing to the fore an absolute terror that made it almost impossible to halt the Space Marines' brutal assault.


+++ Date: 2588999.M41

+++ Ref: Arm/71103491/CTC

+++ By: Canoness Carmina, Order of the Argent Shroud, Fire Wastes

+++ To: General Kurov, Armageddon Command Guard, Infernus Hive

+++ Re: Deviancy within Adeptus Astartes Flesh Tearers

+++ Thought: A woman's heart knows no Heresy.

It is with mixed emotions that I can report that the forces of Warlord Rukglum are, at this time, in full retreat. The constant harrying of their rearguard by my Seraphim and Rhino-borne Battle Squads are denying the artillery warbands the ability to deploy their larger guns and I predict that without substantial reinforcements, Rukglum will continue to flee all the way back to Warlord Blagrot's Gargants where we will, reluctantly, be forced to break off pursuit.

I must, however, insist on an immediate Inquisitorial investigation of the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter. We were unfortunate to be assigned to fight alongside them in the strike upon Rukglum's artillery positions and their conduct opens the gravest of questions in their suitability within the defence of Armageddon. It is my personal feeling that they are not fit for duty anywhere within our mighty Imperium.

Chapter Master Seth denied me any tactical counsel whatsoever. After nearly a century in leading my Sisters to war, occasionally alongside Marine Chapters, this treatment came as no surprise. The fighting organisation and capabilities of any Sororitas Order is at least the equal to an Astartes Chapter and my Sisters are well versed in the covering of tactical errors by our alleged allies. This alone is of no concern to myself or the Order.

As you will have been made aware, we struck Warlord Rukglum's army as it moved position from shelling the mining outpost Gaius Point, to occupy the settlement. Battered by three days' bombardment, the population of Gaius Point had dug underground and, under the careful ministrations of my Sisters Superior, were determined to form an ad hoc militia to defend their homes. The Flesh Tearers launched their attack on the Ork column when it was approximately one Imperial Mile from Gaius Point and, hitting the Orks in the rear and flanks, they drove the disorganised enemy into our waiting guns. Caught between Sister and Marine, many Orks were slaughtered, with the survivors mounting their vehicles to escape with all haste.

We first noticed something was very wrong when three mobs of Orks, deserted by their cowardly leaders, formed up and assaulted our front line, choosing to engage the Gaius Point militia, rather than my Sisters' deadly accurate bolt guns. The Flesh Tearers, apparently driven mad by some kind of battle frenzy, crashed into their rear ranks just as the first Orks reached the militia.

It is my fear that no one in the Command Guard will believe what I must report occurred next but, as the Emperor is my witness, these things happened.

The Flesh Tearers fell upon the Orks in what I can only describe as an orgy of blood letting. Many Marines had removed their helmets and, eschewing the use of pistols and other ranged weapons, set about the Orks with chainsword and knife and tooth. I swear, I saw it with my own eyes, Marines were ripping out the throats of Orks with their bared teeth. The raw fury and love of carnage I saw in their faces as they literally tore the enemy apart still makes me shudder as I write this. The Orks were annihilated within seconds of the Marines' attack, but the small number of the enemy were simply not enough for the Flesh Tearers who by now seemed to have been driven into a fever pitch of absolute blood lust.

With no more Orks for them to butcher, they scrambled over the barricades on the perimeter of Gaius Point and smashed into the thin line of militia. Properly driven into a true battle frenzy now, the Flesh Tearers performed acts of the most debauched nature in the name of violence. Men, women and youths, all fell beneath their blades. The old, the infirm, none were spared the Flesh Tearers' crazed attack. Sister Superior Shania later reported that she had witnessed cannibalistic acts by the Marines. I did not see this, but I believe it. I ordered my Sisters to withdraw from the Flesh Tearers with all haste, before they reached our positions.

The Orks have been defeated once more in the Fire Wastes and the Imperium can claim another victory. But there are no survivors of Gaius Point. None at all.

I must reiterate. It is clear that the Flesh Tearers are unstable beyond redemption and an Inquisitorial investigation is the very least Chapter Master Seth and his Marines should be subject to. During my service to the Order, I have heard many strange rumours concerning the Successor Chapters of the Blood Angels, but it is evident that the Flesh Tearers have devolved far beyond any point reached by a loyalist Chapter.

Either call in an Inquisitor, or bring the Imperial Navy to bombard these animals from space, but my Order will not fight alongside the Flesh Tearers again, I swear it. By the Immortal Emperor and everything I hold to be Holy, my Sisters will not risk themselves by allying with savages, regardless of your own wishes.

Canoness Carmina