The Repressor class is a Rhino variant used almost exclusively by the Adeptus Sororitas and the Adeptus Arbites in a counter insurgency and crowd suppression role. The Rhino`s transport compartment is heightened allowing passengers easy access to firepoints, from where they can keep the rioting mob at bay from the safety of their vehicle.

Repressors are always fitted with large dozer blades, allowing it to force a passage through the mob or crash through barricades and walls with ease.

Points Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS

Type: Tank.

Crew: Battle Sisters.

Weapons: Cupola mounted storm bolter and pintle-mounted heavy flamer.

Options: The Repressor is always fitted with a dozer blade as standard. It may be also be given the following vehicle upgrades at the cost listed in the Ministorum armoury: extra armour, holy icon, hunter killer missile, searchlight, smoke launchers, pintle-mounted storm bolter (replaces pintle-mounted flamer for free).

Transport: Any Sisters of Battle squad that may purchase a Rhino or an Immolator may instead choose to be transported in a Repressor. Up to 10 models may be transported in a Repressor.


Firepoints - 2: Up to six passengers may fire their bolters from the side firing slits. One model may fire a weapon from the top hatch. All the same restrictions as a Chimera apply (see Chapter Approved).

Access Points - 3: The Repressor has two side hatches and a rear ramp.

Pintle-mounted Heavy Flamer: Any Sisters of Battle or Adeptus arbites vehicle that can have a pintle-mounted storm bolter may instead take a pintle-mounted heavy flamer for 20 points. It is treated as an extra heavy flamer that can fire in addition to any other weapons the vehicle has. Note that this means that a vehicle that moves can fire one weapon and the pintle-mounted heavy flamer. It may not fire any weapons if it travels over 6".